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Monday 12 March 2012 by José Luis Moraguès
José Luis Moraguès CCIPPP – 24/01/2012 On 26 November 2011, more than 60 boycott actions, against Mehadrin, the number one Israeli producer and exporter to Europe of Israeli citrus (Jaffa) and avocado (TOP), took place in 13 European countries. The slogans were: "Take Apartheid of the Menu!" (...)

Press Release : Israel Revokes Zakaria Zubeidi’s Amnesty (Testimony)

Sunday 1 January 2012
by: The Freedom Theatre date: 2011-12-31 The Freedom Theatre, Jenin Refugee Camp The co-founder, avid supporter and mentor of The Freedom Theatre, Zakaria Zubeidi, has been told by the Palestinian Authority that his amnesty has been revoked by the Israeli authorities. Zubeidi is since the (...)

Now it’s your turn (Analysis and debate)

Sunday 25 December 2011

There is a very reasonable chance that there will be only one state between the Jordan and the sea - neither ours nor theirs but a mutual one. It is likely to be ... patently not democratic, like the one that exists today.

The 166th CCIPPP Mission – October 23rd to 31st, 2010 (Testimony)

Sunday 9 January 2011
This mission is made up of four associations – the ATMF (the association of North African workers in France), the IDD (Immigration, Development, Democracy), the UJFP (French Jewish Union for Peace) and the FTCR (the federation of Tunisians for citizenship on both sides of the shore) (...)

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