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Most recent articles

Talk in London 20 04 2016 by Jean-Guy Greilsamer

Friday 29 April 2016 by Jean-Guy Greilsamer

Good evening everyone.

I thank the Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign for having invited me.

Just to introduce myself, I was born in 1946, I am retired, I come from a Jewish family which escaped the Nazi holocaust, and I had a Jewish education up until my Bar Mitzvah. I want to point out that, as a Jew, I had a normal childhood, because at that time the Jewish community did not have paranoid tendencies like today, and my parents did not spend their time nagging me to honour the memory of the holocaust. I am an activist in the BDS Campaign in France, and since 2003 I am a member of UJFP, the French Jewish Peace Union, which supports the rights of the Palestinian people and participates in the BDS Campaign.

Israeli peace activist and human rights defender Ezra Nawi arrested under gag order

Monday 18 January 2016

By ANONYMOUS ISRAELI ACTIVISTS; published: Jan 17, 2016

A Statement From Anonymous Israeli Activists:

We would like to alert you to an ominous development in Israel. Having denied Palestinians under Occupation their rights to any form of political protest, the Israeli government is now in the process of doing the same to Israeli citizens who support the Palestinian cause. Last week the Israeli police arrested Ezra Nawi, our friend and prominent dissident, who has been indispensable in the struggle for the survival of Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills.

Jews against islamophobia

Wednesday 23 December 2015 by UJFP, UPJB

As part of the International Day against Islamophobia on the 12th of December 2015
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris
Joint statement by Belgian Union of Progressive Jews (UPJB) and French Jewish Peace Union (UJFP)

Like all citizens deeply attached to justice and humanity, we were stunned and appalled at the mass slaughters that hit Paris on the 13th of November and whose ensuing shockwave became worldwide.

Community under Attack: The Situation of the Human Rights of the Bedouin Community in the Negev-Nagab 2015

Friday 18 December 2015 by Dukium

Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality | In 1997, a group of concerned Arab
and Jewish residents of the Negev (Israel’s southern desert region) established the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality (NCF) to provide a framework for JewishArab collaborative efforts in the struggle for civil equality and the advancement of mutual tolerance and coexistence. NCF, also known as “Dukium” (“co-existence” in Hebrew), is unique in being the only Arab-Jewish organization that remains focused solely on the specific problems confronting the Negev. NCF considers that the State of Israel fails to respect, protect and fulfill its human rights obligations, without discrimination, towards the Arab-Bedouin citizens in the Negev. As a result, the NCF has set as one of its goals the achievement of full civil rights and equality for all people who make the Negev their home.

December 10, 2015


Monday 26 October 2015

As members of Jewish communities around the world, we are horrified by the wave of violence that is sweeping the streets of Palestine/Israel, costing the lives of over 30 people, both Palestinians and Israelis in the past two weeks alone.

Jews and Arabs march together in Jerusalem - Saturday night, Oct. 17

Monday 19 October 2015

We will not surrender to despair - We will stand together!

Arabs and Jews want to live in security. Real security, without occupation and without killing. We know that only with a just solution to the conflict will be able to stop the killing and the hatred, to build a different reality. A reality of security.

Statement of the EJJP on The Freedom Flotilla III

Wednesday 1 July 2015 by EJJP

July 1st, 2015

On June 29th, the Israeli navy assaulted the Swedish boat “Marianne” in international waters, seizing it’s crew of human-rights activists and its cargo of humanitarian supplies in what can only be called an act of piracy. The passengers were dragged against their will to the city of Ashdod in Israel.

From Tel Aviv to Marseille: we are all Pierre Stambul

Friday 19 June 2015 by Eleonore Merza Bronstein

By: Eléonore Merza Bronstein.

June 9, 2015. Night has fallen on Marseille, it’s around 2 am when the Raid (the anti-terrorist unit of the French National Police) closed the whole neighborhood, forbidding any movements in it, and broke down the door of a building. A neighbor, worried by the noise, is stepping out the front door to check what is happening, he is thrown on the floor bluntly.

French police falsely arrest anti-Zionist Jewish leader after “murder” hoax

Monday 15 June 2015 by Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah 10 June 2015

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Pierre Stambul and his partner were violently awoken by police at their home in the French port city of Marseille.

“It was a bad moment because the cops came in my home very, very violently,” Stambul, co-president of the French Jewish Union for Peace (Union Juive Française pour la Paix – UFJP), told The Electronic Intifada. “They broke the doors to enter. I was handcuffed for one hour and spent seven hours in jail.”

UJFP’s Co-chairman, Pierre Stambul, arrested by the RAID (the anti-terrorist unit of the French National Police) then held in custody for seven hours

Friday 12 June 2015

It was 1:30 am. The phone rang for a long time. Pierre eventually picked it up: nobody was on the line.
At 3:50 am, he heard some noise and voices at the door. He went outside and policemen of the RAID pounced on him. He was handcuffed for one hour. His girlfriend, that he supposedly murdered, was there but her presence didn’t calm down the police.
Officers of Marseilles’ 8th District police station then took over procedures from the RAID.
Overall, Pierre spent seven hours in custody. He was only interrogated once. He was released around 11 am without hearing any apology from the police and after several doors were knocked down in his home.

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